Our Story

Connect & Play
Connect people and the world.

Modern digital technology is rapidly oscillating between the realms of reality and virtual reality, and at times, we may find ourselves apprehensive about this swift pace of change.


Nevertheless, we still believe.

At the heart of the emerging digital world,

we hold the conviction that ‘people’ must inevitably be present.


ONECOM dreams of a future where people take center stage in various digital environments such as the metaverse, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile technologies, coming together to communicate.

This vision transcends barriers, enabling individuals with visual impairments and those without to interact, enjoy, and even collaborate in the creation of content in this new world.


Beyond Being

Our company’s brand philosophy is profoundly reflected in our ‘ iNi ‘ logo, encapsulating three core meanings.


i & i (People)

The ‘ i symbolizes the shape of a person. In this new digital era, it represents a world where individuals take center stage, emphasizing mutual communication and interaction. It underscores the essence of real-time communication between the visually impaired and those without disabilities.


i & i (Intelligence)

Here, ‘ i ‘ stands for ‘intelligence’. This interpretation portrays a digital world where different intelligences are hyper-connected, merging and fusing to create and innovate in unprecedented ways.


 i & i (Avatar)

In this context, ‘ i ‘ signifies ‘me’ and ‘another version of me’. It paints a future digital landscape where myriad avatars coexist. These avatars, representing ‘me’ and ‘another me’, actively engage, interact, create, and share diverse content, fostering a dynamic environment of collaboration and sharing.

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