36 into 6

FINTIN, unlike traditional QWERTY keyboards that required all
36 buttons for input, empowers you to allocate all of a QWERTY
keyboard’s functions using just 6 buttons. Let’s explore the innovative FINTIN technology and the FINTIN Architecture that makes this possible.

What is FINTIN?

Handle 36 key inputs with 6 key modules

Structured Mini Qwerty

Typing on mini-QWERTY keyboards, which are meant to be handheld and used with both thumbs, is common. However, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish keys by feel when more than 35 keys are packed into a small area. FINTIN overcomes this problem by reducing the number of keys to six, each within a tactilely distinguishable range.

The keys are arranged in the same logical array as the QWERTY array across six key modules, each capable of handling 6 key inputs. Each of these six key modules is assigned six key inputs, forming a six-way tree structure that includes the 26 alphabets and editing keys such as Space and Enter.