The World’s Most Accessible Qwerty Communicator

The World’s Most Accessible Qwerty Communicator



FINTIN was designed to enable 36 key input processing with six key-modules, and all keys were recognized by touch. FINTIN makes it possible to type quickly and accurately without looking at the keyboard in any environment.

Why Qwerty Communicator?

FINTIN provides an immersive typing communication experience for next-generation mobile services. FINTIN V1 is designed for visually impaired smartphone users and FINTIN Xpander is designed for gaming console users, each providing users with a deeply immersive typing experience. In particular, the technology opens up new opportunities for social and digital connectivity that visually impaired people and console gamers have never experienced before.

Features of FINTIN Technology

FINTIN Series in Action


FINTIN V1 adapts the FINTIN architecture to offer a smartphone QWERTY communicator designed specifically for the visually impaired.

Beyond just being a keyboard, it is equipped with an array of features that synergize with smartphones, enhancing social and digital connectivity for the visually impaired.

FINTIN Xpander

By integrating the FINTIN architecture into the controllers of video consoles and XR devices, we’re changing the culture of gaming messaging.

Showcasing the possibilities of text-based social digital connections in console gaming to a world accustomed to voice chat.


For the independent IT life
of the visually impaired.

FINTIN provides visually impaired people with
easy control of their smartphones to lead a independent IT life.

Current status of visually impaired around the world

285 million

Approximately 40 million people with total vision loss / 245 million people with low vision

Visually impaired using a smartphone

Above 60%

Most visually imapired people use smartphones

Our Vision

A key to a world where everyone comes together.

We are creating a new world where blind and sighted people can communicate, enjoy and create content together.
FINTIN will also be the first place where visually impaired people can fully express themselves to the world.